Hand-carved Valances by Laughing Sun

  Frame your view to the great outdoors with a hand-carved window valance.  Each valance is a unique work of art custom carved using your design ideas or you may leave the creative workings to Dennie. Types of wood Dennie has used in various carvings include oak, pine, redwood, cedar, zebra wood, Philippine mahogany, Hawaiian koa, and South American paduka.   Accents for your valance might include, inlaid turquoise or gold, or stained glass.  Custom sizes and shapes are available.

Carved from pine, these 6 foot valances feature southwestern images highlighted with oil paints, along with stained glass inlays.  Drape a piece of lace or silk through the openings along the bottom for an added dramatic effect.  Each piece depicts themes specific to the room it is built for.  A hand-rubbed tung oil finish is applied to preserve the vibrant colors and quality of the wood.

Indian Chief

Indian Woman and Child

Wolf and Kokapelis

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About the Artist and the Carving Process


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