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The Gunslinger Corral™ rifle Holster works in conjunction with just about any rifle "sling" or "strap", Make sure the "sling" and "sling mounts" are in good working condition.


Instructions for use

  1. Adjust belt for waist size and trim off excess (heat the cut end to stop fraying), leave enough length to provide quick adjustment over your cold weather gear.

  2. Gunslinger Corral's™ support hook is fully adjustable. With a firm grip, bend the hook for a custom fit on your rifle or shotgun stock

  3. Mount holster to the mid section of the belt. Gunslinger Corral™ is designed to be worn at the center of the lower back, stability will decrease when the holster is worn off to the side.

  4. Adjust Safety strap to the size of stock (the safety strap will hold the stock securely into the holster while in rough terrain). Do not cut off excess strap, leave for an easy grab or release.

  5. After fitting to your rifle or shotgun, you will need to adjust your rifle sling. The sling should be snug but not restrictive. If sling adjustment is limited, try raising or lowering the belt.

GUNSLINGER CORRAL™ is designed for speed and ease of use, practice with your Holster for superior results!

Have fun, get into the action, and remember "Safe hunting is Great hunting!"


This small accessory attaches to the shoulder harness of a backpack and works with a hip mounted Gunslinger Corral™ rifle holster providing the same holster support, security, and the easy access that you can count on.

Works in conjunction with just about any rifle "sling" or "strap".

  • Make sure the "sling" and "sling mounts" are in good working condition.
  • Used with the Gunslinger Corral™ compact rifle holster.
  • By drawing the sling inward - barrel control is gained.

  • Do not over adjust the quick disconnect lanyard, rifle sling should slide freely through the sling securement strap upon draw.

  1. Attach snugly to shoulder harness of backpack.
  2. Adjust to chest size.
  3. Adjust to harness the rifle sling.
  4. Adjust to chest size, and cut off excess.
  5. Burn cut end to stop fraying.

Instructions for access

Dismount lower stock from the holster, reach over rifle sling, and you're set for a silent, smooth draw.

No need to disconnect the sling securement strap for draw.

Ready, Set, Draw!

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Do not attempt to locate the holster support hook on or near the "trigger guard" or "safety switch" of any firearm.

(Holster designed to fit below pistol grip of a rifle or shotgun stock.)

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