Bristlecone Pine Furniture

Bristlecone pine trees are the oldest living thing on or planet. The pieces are created from only permit acquire fallen trees. The bristlecone that are used have been dated to be 2000 to 2400 years old.

The oldest living trees are in California and have been dated to be 10,000 years old, and still growing. The bristlecone used here are from Pike National Forst in Colorado, killed mostly from a forest fire that occurred back in 1933.

Each piece is a custom one of a kind, artistic experience. We will call you once you
order to get details of how you want your piece to be designed. Price is subject to
change depending on the final design, pricing here is approximates only.

With such unique materials, you will have a unique and distinct work of art that will last for generations.

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More Examples: Canopy 1 - Canopy 2 - Jumbo
Kate Style - Dream Catcher - Misc

The beds are all doled together, no screws or nails are used. The doles are birch and are glued in with wood glue. Every bed comes out original, so they are each signed works of art. Your piece will be used for generations to come.

I create each bed the best I can to your specifications. You have to direct us on how you want your bed to be. Wild looking, dense in fill, or big thick pieces or light skinnier pieces. If you want it big and massive, or light and small, foot and headboard tall or low. The length of these beds for big massive ones can come out to be 9' or so, for one light and small (using smaller post and pieces) can be 8' or so. The width of these beds for a king massive is 8' or so, light and skinny 7' or so. For a queen size massive 7', a light and skinny 6'. I always leave an extra inch for foot room so tall people fit without having there feet hit the end of the bed.

These beds are designed to take a pillow top mattress if you have something else then I need to know.  The frame is included for you so there is no need to buy one. I use 1/4" thick 2" angle iron for the rails and have them 9" high off the floor.
- Yes we can build you a California King, no extra charge.

We can stain the bristlecone and hand rub a paste finish. This gives it a rich look.  We use any of the Min-wax stains, so we can match your bedroom set.  If you want it left natural, it will darken with age and turn a real rich golden patina.

Can you imagine sleeping with wood so old and mystical.  We have reports of people having really interesting dreams, and very restful peaceful sleep sleeping on these special beds.

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Dining Table

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Top: Dining Table   Bottom: Coffee Table

More Examples:
Dining 1
- Dining 2 - Table - No Top

The tables we make are from bristlecone pine tree roots that areI turned upside down. We place a elliptical oval piece of glass on top. This piece of glass takes off the rough rustic edge of the tree root, and encases it wondrous beauty underneath. Each table may have up to five different tree roots in it. These roots are all doweled together with birch dowels, and made to look like they are one. Some have holes in the center, while others are real solid or wildly twisted. Each table is a signed work of art.

Besides dining tables these make really great conference tables. The base is rough cut with a chain saw with a 6' bar using a jig to keep is straight. It is then sand blasted to get rid of all the rot and char from the forest fire. Colors are revealed when sandblasting, which really gives it more artistic qualities.

Tables come with adjustable guides. This enables the tables to be leveled even on ruff floors, like slate or stone. I fine sand where the glass will rest on top. The table base can be stained with any color min wax stain. Then a hand rubbed paste wax finish is applied. The stain color you pick can match your dining or conference chairs. The table can also be left natural.

The average length of the bristlecone pine glass is 8' x 5'6". It can be made bigger, but the smallest we can go is a 5' circle. The table can be made for a smaller piece of glass, but you will not get the leg room underneath.

You will never tired of the wondrous beauty of your table. It will give joy for generations. Some customers have related the power bristlecone has to let great conversations take place around their table.

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Pool Table
These are built to Billiard Congress of America specs and regs, 9' long. Bases are built using four separate bristlecone pine tree roots at each corner. These bases all are very similar to one another or have the same kind of flavor. On the corners are built a red oak 2x6 deck to hold the slate. The slate is 1" thick and is in three pieces. Then the six sculpted rails are bolted on. The pockets are leather and come in different colors. The bristlecone pine can be stained to best match your decor. The a hand rubbed paste wax finish is applied. This gives the table a rich look. I was told back in the year 2000 that the bristlecone pine pool table was worth $64,000.00, although we don't feel comfortable charging that much.

These tables are so customized that they can take a lot of time to finish, so please plan accordingly. Call anytime for estimates!

9' Regulation

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Couch Set
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Lamps, End Tables, & Mirrors

More Examples:
Dining 1
- Dining 2 - Table - No Top

Other Furniture
There isn't much limits on what we can create for you, please call and we can give you custom quotes for just about anything you can imagine!

Spectacular Mirrors

Just e-mail me for details!

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